Have you ever been asked how to pass waec in one sitting? And you don’t know what to give as advice? These top 5 hints on how to pass Waec examination in one sitting will be of help!

Waec examination is now around the corner and there’s a need for you to know what to do to come out in flying colors.

Listen up! As a student, there are some certain things you need to put in place for you to have a good grade after your examination.

Scrape out the minds of examination malpractices, yes I know in Nigeria waec has become something else.

Apart from the school fee, Waec fee students pay, some schools still go along to collect an extra fee which they attribute as “expo money”.

So disheartening! What corruption in the educational system. We need to get out of this mess or else the value attached to education in Nigeria fades off.

I must tell you the truth, even those who called themselves men and women of God still indulge in the habit.

We are in a country whereby a teacher would teach in class, use all his/her capability in making sure students understand what they teach but at the end of the course of study they end up solving questions in Waec hall.

We thank God this has not really rampant in the university as it is in the colleges.

We all need a part to take, the student needs to study hard before the exam approach, and teachers need to always attend class, make sure students understand what they teach.

Upon doing these, teachers should make sure they give their best teaching techniques to students and always advise students to study extraordinary.

So today I will be giving you my best hints on how to pass waec examination in one sitting.

You see, I will be sharing you based on the experience I’ve had during my own time and what you need to put in place to pass waec exam.

How To Pass Waec Examination In One Sitting

You don’t need to worry anymore, below are the top 5 hints on how to pass waec examination in one sitting:

  1. Always attend classes.
  2. Meet with your teachers.
  3. Read like a guru to pass Waec exam.
  4. Practice waec past question.
  5. Pray before and after exam.

Those are my best 5 hints I’ll forever recommend to whosoever ask me how to pass waec examination in one sitting. Now let’s go in-depth!

Always Attends Classes – How To Pass Waec Exam

How to pass waec exam - how to pass waec examination in one sitting

Let me be sincere with you, class is one of the best way to fight failure. Ask me how?

There’s no way you go to a class and you won’t gain something at the end of the day unless you don’t put mind in what the teacher is teaching.

Class take about 35% probability of passing waec exam. If you attend class regularly and you know what you are doing you will surely make your A’s.

When you’re in class participate in whatsoever exercise your teachers give to the whole class, do all your assignments and ensure to make your note up to date.

Also, while teacher is teaching in class there are some things he/her will say out that may not be included in your note, so you also need to jot while listening to teacher’s explanations.

Don’t forget to always attend practical classes as well, this will not only help to easily pass waec but still help you when you get to the university.

Congratulations you have passed the first stage out of the 5 hints on how to pass waec examination in one sitting.

Meet With Your Teachers

How to pass waec exam - how to pass waec examination in one sitting

Your teacher has passed through your stage, has more experience in how we set their questions. Meaning they can guide you in the right way.

Discuss with them what seems not clear to you in any subject they will be happy to guide you through. You don’t need to be shy, this is your future!

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Teachers like a student that always wants to learn unless of those incompetent teachers. So they will surely welcome you when you visit them to guide you.

Your teacher will tell you how questions are being set, and the best way you can tackle it.

This will let you to easily pass waec examination in one sitting without sitting for any other related exam like NABTEB, NECO, etc.

Read Like A Guru – how to pass waec in one sitting

How to pass waec exam - how to pass waec examination in one sitting

After obtaining the right information from your teachers the next thing of action for you is to start reading.

If you can see, I named this as read like a guru. Yes, you need to read like a guru in order to come out in flying colors!

How does a guru read? Yeah that is a good question which requires a good answer to follow. By default, a guru read in 2 mode which are:

  • Reading before the examination.
  • Reading when the exam is fast approaching.

Let me elaborate more on this, you see everyone can become a guru. Guru was not born a guru, they build up themselves!

Readings before the exam – how to pass waec examination in one sitting

You busy asking how to pass waec examination in one sitting but you never ask how do people make it once.

You see those gurus, they read every blessed day. They don’t wait until the exam period before they open their books.

Each time they learn new things they read more about what they have learned. That’s just it!

But how do you schedule your self to become a guru? Ok, let me give you more hints. You know I like you so much and I want you to come out in flying colors in this year’s waec exam.

If you have not cultivated reading habits, it’s not too late to build your self for this.

For a thing to do, sit down and think about when you will be having time to read. Day or Night? Find out your self.

Draw out your personal timetable and never fail to read as scheduled. When reading, make sure you understand what you’re reading and jot it down in your own language.

Try this for like 3 months and see how improvement you gonna make. I hope you get it right? Good! Move to the next.

Readings when exam is fast approaching – how to pass waec exam

Hmmm, how does guru read when the exam is fast approaching? This is also a good question in replace of how to pass waec exam.

When the exam is fast approaching guru read very often than before, they improve in readings and they make sure they understand all that they read.

How do you cultivate this good habit? It is very simple, what you do is, you read day and night. But make sure you don’t readout of the syllabus.

Adjust your personal timetable and start burning candles at night. You read to assimilate not to cram and forget. Read to understand and pen down jottings!

Upon doing that, you are moving closer to having A’s in your waec examination.

Practice Waec Past Questions

How to pass waec exam - how to pass waec examination in one sitting

Just like jamb, waec also have past questions and answer series where you can find waec question of 19’s and their respective answers.

The truth here is, all those professors working in jamb office don’t want to work again, all of them are tired of setting questions so what they do is;

They pick questions from past questions. It may be from 1997 questions and they mix it up with 2003.

During my own time, I saw a question of the previous year before my set. That’s just it… You need to purchase updated past questions and answers and start practicing it.

If you offer any subject that requires practical then study all the alternatives to practical and make sure you understand everything before your examination day.

Pray Before And After Your Examination – how to pass waec in one sitting

Prayer is very essential in all what we do, some even say it’s the best weapon against all evil plan.

You need to be prayerful as well, prayer do help in the examination. Waec is being marked by human beings like us, not a computer.

So we all know in human beings there are wicked people who just choose to be wicked. Your prayer will fight against any wicked script marker.

Besides, you need to pray when going for an exam So you won’t forget what you’ve read. The prayer refreshes your memory and gives you more insight.

After each exams, make sure you pray before submitting your answer sheet. Pray for grace!

Conclusion On How To Pass Waec Examination In One Sitting – how to pass waec exam

If you really follow these 5 hints on how to pass waec exam, I’m very sure you will come out in flying colors.

Everyone’s dream is to have A parallel but unfortunately just few people who know what they are doing end up with this.

I’ve given you the best tips a consultant will ever give you when you ask them how to pass waec examination in one sitting.

So it’s your choice to determine whether you wanna make ‘A’ parallel or not. Thanks for reading!

Don’t forget to share with other colleagues of yours. Also, your comments would be more appreciated! – how to pass waec in one sitting

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