Do you wish to know how to pass jamb excellently even without undergoing much stress? You’re in right channel to achieve that!

You’ve sat for many jamb exam and the results that came out were not endearing to you? Worry less you will get the right info here.

You know there are some things you need to put in place before even going ahead to purchase jamb form and which are very essential for you to pass the exam excellently.

Without wasting much of the time, I know you would be worried to read my best hints on how to pass jamb excellently.

Well, let me dive into the main points and explain what you need to pass the jamb exam.

How To Pass Jamb Excellently

Hey dude! If you know what you’re doing it’s very easy to pass jamb exam and which I will be sharing my guidelines on how to pass jamb excellently here today.

Below are what you need to pass jamb exam:

  1. Seek for guidelines from experienced people.
  2. Prepare for a jamb exam a year before you buy your form.
  3. Get the right textbooks to read.
  4. Attend a jamb coaching class.
  5. Get a jamb syllabus to know where to focus.
  6. Buy past question series.
  7. Purchase the form as soon as it commences.
  8. Burn candle at night.
  9. Don’t indulge in malpractice.
  10. Pray before and after your exam.

Wow❗ Those are the best tips ever a professional will give you. Now let’s look into them one after the other.

Seek For Guidelines From Experienced People

how to pass jamb excellently

What are the guidelines you need to know about? These are the pros and cons of the jamb examination.

There are some gurus that have studied how jamb set questions and which they will never reveal unless you seek for it.

These set of people are either first-class students or second class upper students. You see this type of people move closer to them, they will give you the best guide.

Prepare For Jamb Exam A Year Before You Purchase Your Form

how to pass jamb excellently

The best time to start preparing for jamb is start studying a year before the jamb form will commence. This is a very good approach.

This method will enable you to cover all the requisite syllabus even though you don’t need to focus on syllabus yet, instead read through all your secondary school notebooks, and textbooks.


I recommend you start with calculation courses and make sure you pen down some points in a jotter or any safe place.

Upon doing this you will be amazed why you haven’t search and come across this article on how to pass jamb excellently before now.

Get The Right Textbooks To Read

how to pass jamb

Reading the right textbooks is one of the reasons why people pass jamb very excellent.

Why? This is because they will be expose to what they haven’t been taught in school or what seems not understandable to them.

As an educational consultant I will recommend the Essential textbooks to you. I think you know what I meant by Essential textbook?

I’m not talking about essential which means needy here, but there is one particular textbook brand named essential textbooks.

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They have almost version for all secondary school subject. Something like Essential Chemistry, Essential Biology, Essential accounting and so on.

For English language, I recommend you get Dele Ashade textbook. Read it very well and jot down some key points for revision purpose.

Attend A Jamb Coaching Class – how to pass jamb excellently

how to pass jamb

Jamb coaching class? Yes you need it! Don’t be overconfident in what you have in your upstairs. Look out for more experience.

To be sincere with you, this coaching class really helped me during my time. Though you need to select where to learn from.

Don’t just choose anyhow coaching centre, ask for their antecedents from people and if you can’t gather much information about the centre then go there beep and check how they coach student ahead of jamb.

If you are okay with the way they deliver lecture, then you can choose to obtain their form and start class immediately.

In short, don’t choose where you will regret later on. There are many jamb coaching centre out there with good reviews.

Get A Jamb Syllabus – how to pass jamb excellently

The secret behind passing a jamb that stilll get people to search how to pass jamb excellently is that they are not familiar with jamb syllabus.

They don’t know where exactly to study ahead the jamb exam. Getting a jamb syllaus from past student is a good approach and following the guidelines is a prudent step.

As a smart admission seeker, you need to get a jamb syllabus so you can know where to focus ahead the examination.

In the syllabus, you will get to know area of concentrations in all subjects, subject combination for each institution courses, cut off mark for all courses and so on.

Buy Past Question Series

Past questions contribute 40% to passing of jamb examination. Ask me how? This will expose you as an aspirants to how jamb set their questions.

Not only that, every past questions must have solved the problem and give the right answers at the end of each exercise.

Here i will advise you not to keep checking the answer as you lay hands on past questions.

Complete for the whole exercise (1-40 or so) and write the answers you choose somewhere else. Then check after completing the exercise.

Also, when you are reading, after completion of every topic make sure you look for relevant topic in the past questions textbook and solve questions under it.

Visit bookshop near you, buy the latest past questions.

Purchase Jamb Form As Soon As It Commences

Yeah! when you are preparing for jamb exam make sure save up money and purchase the form immediately it commences.

This will help you in the sense that you won’t be posted out of your local government.

Those who purchase late registration tends to be posted out of their places of residence and this may cause some unforeseen circumstances like going late to examination or unable to locate your centre.

This is very recommended by experts and is one of the best way to achieve good result afterwards.

Early registration will give you rest of mind and relief the chaos of being running up and down for jamb registration fee which is another time wasting gimmicks to fail exam.

Visit jamb portal to know more about when jamb will commence.

Burn Candle At Night!

Don’t misquoted my headings, what I mean by burn canndle at night here is schedule night readings don’t use all your night to sleep.

Truth is, night readings are cool because the brain will have settled down and what you read that time saves up straight to your memory.

Cultivate this habit prudently and make sure you pray before and after reading.

Don’t Indulge In Exam Malpractice

You wanna know how to pass jamb excellently? Then shun what is called malpractice. This is the first thing you need to know.

Remove the mindset of getting expo or runs for jamb. This will enable you to work harder and there is one adage that says;

He who prepares for examination early smile at last!

Also you need this;

Be time conscious – how to pass jamb excellently

If you don’t know, better get it right now! Jamb examination is now a cbt approach meaning you won’t be given an answer sheet or question paper.

You will be operating on a computer and it’s very important you know how to answer questions on a computer.

When you type in your registration number and logged in, then you should start immediately because your time has started.

Pray Before And After Your Jamb Exam

The reason why some brilliant student doesn’t pass up to their expectations Is that they don’t pray before and after the exam. So my friend,

Before you leave your house, ensure to pray for good results, when you get to jamb center pray as well.

So after your exam, also pray. This is because all work without prayer might be effortless. Prayer also has its own Impact.

No matter what, prayer helps to conquer all evil plans against you. It makes you remember what you have read.

It is not by work but by grace!

Conclusion On How To Pass Jamb Excellently

I think these 10 hints answered how to pass jamb excellently?

As you can see I’ve provided you with a good hint a professional consultant would ever give you.

Everything now left to you, follow my steps and am very sure with all these you should score up to 230+ in jamb.

What are your thoughts on how to pass jamb excellently? Don’t forget to share with fellow aspirants, friends, and family.


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