Joint admissions and matriculation board(JAMB) is one of the important exam any student aiming to go to Nigeria university need to do.

Yearly JAMB do conduct entrance unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination for prospective undergraduates into Nigeria universities.

Several years people have been failing this exam because they do not have the keys to pass the exam.
In life, there is door to everything and there is key to open it, one of the door to Tertiary institution in Nigeria is JAMB but 85% of students don’t have the right key to open the door successfully.
You’ve been writing JAMB over years and you’ve been failing, has bring to you the key so write JAMB successfully in 2021.

Here are the key;

COMMITMENT :If you really want to succeed in 2021 JAMB you really need to be commited.
Being committed is one of the most thing you need to have distinction in 2021 JAMB, you need to commit yourself that you are getting rid of JAMB in 2021.
Commit yourself, your time, and everything you need in other to be successful.

BE FOCUSED: If you are committed and not focus on what you want or what you really need you haven’t get it, focus that this year is the year I need to get rid of JAMB. Commitment and focus work for each other they work in hand.
Successful people always focus on what they are after, so you to be focused to be successful in 2021 JAMB.

SET A GOAL FOR YOURSELF: Setting a goal is listing one objectives and plans on how to achieve them.
However, forecast the kind of score you want in your jamb.
You are offering four subjects in JAMB, in those four subject set the score you want.

English: 79
Mathematics : 69
Government : 80
Economics: 90

The above chat is an example of the kind of goal talking about.

CREATE A STUDY PLAN: Creating study plan is also important thing you need to do to achieve your aim in 2021 JAMB exam.
Study plan mean design a reading time table for yourself and also include your recent activities in the time table so as to know that time to read and time to do other things.
Studying hard is very important for any student aiming for tertiary institutions. You need to study hard and stick to your schedule reading time table.
When its time to read don’t do any other thing be focused.

ATTEND JAMB TUTORIALS: Attending tutorials will make you have addition knowledge of what you need it the exam, you’ll share ideas together in the tutorials with your friends you study together with them. This can also help you in your exam because you can’t have knowledge of everything so you also need to idea of other people. Reading together with friends or attending tutorials is one of the key you need to succeed.

GET 10 YEARS RECENT PAST QUESTIONS: Past questions will let you be Conversant about area where the questions are been set. Getting past questions is not the only thing you have to do but practicing the past questions.

GET JAMB CBT PRATICAL SOFTWARE: Getting this software and practicing it will make it easier for you when it is time for the exam to know how the keyboard functions.
For example 2020 JAMB uses some letters in keyboard to denote save, enter, submit, choosing options e.t.c, if you have the software you’ll be use to those keys as you are practicing the with the software.

SET BRAIN EXAM FOR YOURSELF: The brain exam is setting questions for yourself out of you’ve been reading.
If you’ve been reading textbooks and practicing past questions you should be able to set out brain exam for yourself to test your standard before the exam, set a standard for yourself.

Setting this kind of brain test for yourself and going through past questions, practicing JAMB CBT by getting the software and using of all this key will help you achieving your aim in 2021 JAMB. wish you best of luck

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