Strike update: See what federal government said about ASUU demand

The minister of state for education Mr Chukwuemaka Nwajiuba said we have met 4 out of 5 ASUU demand during an interview at Nigerian Annual education conference in Abuja on Tuesday November10

The Annual education conference was themed “Building an Effective, Resilient and Sustainable Education System for Nigeria during and Post COVID-19 Pandemic: The Way Forward.”

In the interview the minister of education talk about the 4 demand of ASUU that have been met out of the 5 demand. He said ASUU should have been subjected to the payment platform given by the federal government, But the federal government will migrate only if ASUU can provide a superior payment platform.

Minister for education claimed that Federal government has met all but one of ASUU’s five demands.

He said “I wouldn’t want to speak about ASUU anymore.

I’ve said repeatedly that government has met all ASUU’s demands. The one outstanding demand is that ASUU insists on having their own UTAS instead of being subject to the government’s IPPIS

Minister for education said the federal government’s IPPIS payment platform is not designed to punish anybody. It is a good system. He said if there is any other superior payment platform federal government will migrate to it when it is proven to be superior.

The minister said it is the responsibility of the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) to evaluate ASUU’s UTAS platform, something NITDA is currently doing.

On Earned Academic Allowances, The minister said the government is in agreement with ASUU and is “not worried about earned allowances.”

He said ASUU had to take responsibility for keeping millions of university students out of school.

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