What is essay writing

Before you start an essay writing there are some things you need to put in place as a professional writer which I will be discussion in this blog post.

Without more ado, I will be diving to the main point to discuss all what you need to know as an expert.

Writing can be described as an art, and like other art forms, it demands the acquisition of necessary skills in other to achieve excellent.

What is an essay?

According to bowvalleycollege An essay is a “short formal piece of writing..dealing with a single subject” (“Essay,” 2001). It is typically written to try to persuade the reader using selected research evidence (“Essay,” 1997).

The art of writing has its own peculiarity and requires some special techniques. Consequently, no two persons can write on a similar subject in exact the same manner. The essay on the other hand has been described as a piece of writing devoted to a specific topic.

There are certain guidelines which govern the writing of good essays.

Essays test the writer’s ability to write grammatically correct sentence i.e sentence in which the subjects and verbs agree, sentence whose part are very well linked, sentence in which non-finite verbs are not used as if they were finite verbs.

“The correctness of sentences is thus fundamental in a good essay.”

Another essential element of a good essay is that the words are spelt correctly

You as a writer should not assume that you know the correct spelling of every word. Therefore, whenever there’s any doubt on the spelling of words, the dictionary should be consulted, especially when writing an assignment.

The dictionary is equally useful in knowing the exact meaning of words. You should note that the correct pronunciation of words enhancing the correct spelling of words.

The sentence in a good essay must also be well manipulated and punctuated.

Essay writing

A poorly punctuated piece of essay writing distorts the meaning that the writer proposes to pass across to the reader.  A good control of punctuation marks on the other hand results in smoothness, clarity, and vividness of the essay.

Thus it behoves the writer of a good essay to be creative, thoughtful and intelligent. You must be able to think straight, control your grammar effectively and write coherently.

All these can be done easily once you understand clearly what you’re expected to do.

The video below will teach you how to write a good essay.


The structure of essay writing is divided into three (3) segments, which are;

  1. The introduction (Beginning)
  2. The body (Middle)
  3. And the conclusion (End)

Now let’s look at them one after the other:


The introduction segment of essay writing

The introduction segment of essay writing is the beginning of every essay. It must therefore be well planned and well written with a view to carry along the reader right from the beginning.

The impression the reader has right from the beginning either positive or negative, usually affect his overall assessment of the essay. Therefore you must set out to impress and arouse the interest of your reader right from the beginning.

It must be beautifully laid, like a lady will spend time to beautify herself probably to attract men. Or we can say it must be well written like a well garnished plate of rice prepared to awaken or restore the lost appetite of a sick person!

Suggested ways of writing a good introduction

  • Moving from a simple form to a difficult one or moving from something familiar to an unfamiliar issue.
  • Defining the topic, particularly if it is complex.
  • Beginning with a saying, adage or proverb or probably by quoting from an authentic authority.
  • Making a general statement to be substantiated with cogent points.
  • Enumerating, itemizing or highlighting the point you intend discussing.
  • Starting with a question to which answers would be supplied later.
  • Two of these ways should be employed together when your about to start essay writing.

The Body segment of essay writing

The Body segment of essay writing

This is the section where the points earlier mentioned in the introduction are explained and fully developed. It entails the bulk of the mechanics: tenses, spellings, sentence construction and variations, etc. correctly used so as to earn good marks.

Each paragraph in the body of essay writing must express one main idea. The best way to write a paragraph is to make sure that the paragraphs are properly linked by making use of connectives (linking devices) or transitional words and expressions so that it would form an organic whole.

A word like ‘however’ could be used for contrast while ‘in addition’, ‘furthermore’ etc could be used for addition.

The conclusion segment of essay writing:

The conclusion segment of essay writing

This is the last segment of the essay. It is important as the introduction and the body.

This part aims at summarizing the point earlier made or re-emphasizing what has been discussed earlier. It should be brief and concise and it must have a link with the introduction and body. You as a writer must take into cognizance the fact that this is the last impression your reader will have about your essay.

So we’ve come to an end of this version. Next article would focus on How to plan your essay (Planning the essay) how to use paragraph in an essay writing and kinds of essays we have.

I hope you enjoy my piece on essay writing? Don’t forget to share with friends and family to learn from this write up!

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